We are a group of intercultural wanderers who built these overwater houses as a little haven where you can come to relax, recharge and reconnect. We named our place A la Koh Kood as we aspire to capture the essence of Koh Kood Island, one of the last standing islands in Thailand where the natural environment still remain mostly intact and free from over-exploitation. Therefore, we strive to host responsibly and aim to minimize our carbon footprint while at the same time enhancing your comfort and travel experience šŸ™‚
Ps. check out the high tide view from our terrace on the right! 

Our principles

Operational Sustainability

See how our business model is driving sustainability in our
day-to-day operations

We care about tranparency

As much as we want to claim the achievement of being carbon-neutral, we're going to be honest that it is no easy task and we still have a long way to go. This, even with a limited budget however, doesn't stop us from working towards the goals. We knew that we're going to need a well-researched plan so we pitched for a support from the 180 Degree Consulting group, at the branch of the National University of Singapore. Together, we have come up with two main plans that we are currently implementing - one is for our operation's sustainability, another is for our contribution to the community. Should you be interested, please feel free to have a look - we are open to feedback!

Community engagement

*We are offering a free accommodation for a volunteer conservationist!


>2,000 tonnes

of trash generated on Koh Kood during the high seasons alone (April 2018).

60% of waste

areĀ plastics/wet garbage which are sent to the island's landfill. This could pose threats to the environment as it releases toxins into the surroundings.

Degrading eco-system

Increasing rate of animals extinction is a global phenomenon that also occurs at a local level on Koh Kood Island, where animals like Dugong and Great Hornbill have been reported to be endangered species (according to Trat Provincial Offices for Natural Resources and Environment)

How you can easily help!

Mindful eating

  • Avoid food waste
  • Make the most of your culinary experience by opting for the dish with seasonal and local ingredients

Reduce consumption

As simple as it sounds:
  • switch off
  • save water
  • Avoid single use plastic

Get involved!

  • Join our daily beach clean up
  • Join the island's weekly clean up with Trash Hero
  • Reuse your water bottle whenever you can (See Koh Kood's water refill stations https://trashhero.org/refill/)